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You Don't Throw Away  A Whole Life Just because          it is Banged up a Little!!  ....Secretariat

I am passionate about horses!  I have been lucky enough to find two other wonderful ladies Janelle and Karri... who share my same passion.  We have teamed up to start Tough Luck Trio... where we rescue, rehabilitate, train, and rehome horses that have been neglected, abandoned, tossed away, and need new forever families.  

We take these horses in, evaluate them, find their purpose ... then match that to their perfect rider.  

We believe every horse has that perfect match and we aim to find that... and when we do the outcome is magical!

Please visit our site... check out our horses...and our philosophy.  We are always seeking donations and volunteers to help us with our mission!  Click Tough Luck Trio! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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