*Have a horse but can’t get to a lesson?!

                    *Need help with your confidence?

            *Want access to an experienced horseman and                                         trainer when you need it?


This program is designed to help you become a winner inside and outside of the arena.

Membership includes: 

      *Admission in private FB group to ask questions any time.

        *Online horsemanship course, with modules added/ updated

        *Weekly LIVE Q and A session

        *Monthly Horsemanship lesson at the ranch

        *15% Discount on any services or  merchandise

        *1x/ Month coaching call for mindset, planning and developing new              goals.

         *1x/ Month  video coaching, riding analysis


         *Flexible program, tailored to suit your needs!

      *Let me help you succeed! 

           *2 membership levels available

                *14 day free trial

Schedule your free Strategy sesson to see if the program will fit     your needs!


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