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Meet Miss Scarlett

I have always had a soft soft spot for the underdog, the long shot, or in this case the discarded!  Over the years I have adopted and rescued several horses out of back yards, from PMU farms, auctions and unthinkably … slaughter houses.  Each one has had something special and definitely something left to offer which amazes me that they ended up where they did.  This one … is definitely has an amazing story!   

I have the pleasure of connecting with an “angel” to horses and donkeys, Suzy Taylor.  Suzy is a multi talented lady who had a successful boxing… (YES BOXING!) career, successful coach to boxers, gourmet popcorn business, AND still finds time to rescue these at risk animals…. in many many cases at great expense out of her own pocket.  It is a thankless job to say the least.. but she continues to do it!  Bless her!  Suzy found this amazing mare on one of her many trips to the Slaugher house in Texas,  and contacted me to tell me about her.  I sent the funds for her “jail break” and in no time she was on a trailer and on her way to California.  She was one of 5 horses and three donkeys in the trailer.  I was also adopting one of the donkeys aboard!  This load was saved!

As I was waiting for their arrival to their pick up location, I received a text from Suzy that he had just been rear ended by a Semi Truck on the grade just outside of Kingman, AZ and the trailer was totaled.  She sent pictures from her phone that were hard to make out as it was dark and not clear.. but the trailer in essence was peeled open like a can and she was not sure the extent of the loss and injuries to the animals.  This mare had somehow slipped out of her halter and was thrown from the trailer and was standing in the middle of the freeway shaking.  Suzy was able to put her arms around her neck and guide her off the freeway until a halter could be located from the wreckage.  Suzy stated she was so calm and controlled considering what she just went through!  In the aftermath…  one horse and two donkeys perished in the accident and many others had injuries.  She had a large laceration to her knee and her side that required stitches and a few other bumps and scrapes… but she escaped death twice!   Suzy was able to locate a vet in town who cared for the injured animals and help them recover until they could continue on to California.  She was such a ham and won the hearts of everyone during her stay..then she was back in a trailer on her way to the Shamrock T Ranch.

The lesson girls were very excited to meet this one especially knowing the rough trip it was to get here.  The lesson girls always get input in naming any new additions to the ranch…, and after meeting her the brainstorming began!  Name suggestions were Sadie, because the girls thought she was so personable; Stitch, since she still stitches in on her arrival, Semi to signify her escaping death again.  She was very quiet on the trail, loved to be groomed, and very sweet …but we found she had a bit of a feisty side too…  She definitely held her own in the pack when it came to dinner time, and would give little crabby bites and kicks if there was something she didn’t like! She reminded us of the sweet southern lady who was prim and proper until she was mad… then all heck broke lose… and who is the best example of that… Miss Scarlett!  And so she was named.   A little sweet and a little sassy!  

Scarlett has fast become one of the favorites of the ranch!  She is still ” in school” for more formal training that the advanced girls are helping her learn, but she is also wonderfully patient and tolerant for the more beginner rides and the best thing of all she has the best mind, is unflappable and steady on the trail!  Currently she is my Son Hunter’s favorite horse and is being ridden by Ms. T in our local gymkhana.  She has been a fabulous addition to our ranch.  I encourage others to also consider a rescue horse you may find your diamond in the rough… just like Scarlett!

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